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Teaching Green

Willow Bill is a man who wants peace! He stands next to his son in Carson City Nevada. He stumbled across a gift ten years ago that brings excitement, substance,  and nurturing to our children. Within one session (thanks Ms. Cindy!) he recognized this, and he hasn't stopped believing!!!     DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'!!!


Willow Bill is a man driven to bring the beauty of the willows to the world and by constantly creating, learning, and learning by teaching he shows that he is passionate about what he does! Since 1995 he has worked with willows from across our nation to create rustic artwork and over the years he has shared his enthusiasm for art, the willows, and American history with family, friends, neighbors, boyscouts, girlscouts, and over 25,000 elementary school children.

If you ask Willow about his goals, he'll tell you...

My goal is to pass on the knowledge that I've learned through my experience and travels.
My goal is to create the largest art project in the nation!
My goal is to show my son the right way! (And to watch him choose  his!)
My goal is to Love!